Heart Surgery

I wish I could cut you from my heart.
Just to get rid of every little part.
Tired of feeling this way.
Tired of feeling the pain.

Take the memories,
That have been so dear to me.
I don’t want them anymore,
No longer do they make me feel warm.

The hurt, it takes me,
While I sit here contemplating.
I don’t know what to do,
If I can’t be with you.

Get on with the operation,
Remove the memories and thoughts of our last vacation.
When everything seemed right,
and I could sleep at night.
I want it all gone,
I’m tired of feeling alone.

“Better to have loved and lost”,
is a farce in my book.
My heart is crushed,
just take a look.

It’s true it’s my fault,
the guilt is locked in my vault.
But that doesn’t make it hurt any less.
My broken soul is under duress.

Take the memories of you and me.
When we hugged and kissed on the beach at the sea.
Take them from my body and mind,
Take all traces and leave nothing behind.

Every moment with you,
once loved has now turned blue.
I’ve loved you with all my heart,
and I still do.

But the pain is too much to bear,
I’ve brought it on myself,
but it still seems unfair.

When you are completely gone from my heart,
it won’t feel like it’s being ripped apart.
But there won’t be much of it left,
I may answer the callings of my new friend, death.

Death could be more pleasant than this pain,
my life has passed by like the morning rain.
So take these memories of us.
Take the memories I wear as chains.

But don’t take them just yet,
I don’t want to make another decision that I’ll regret.
Let me hold you once more,
Fictitious moments behind my minds door.


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