A girl I know

I know this girl, who’s been mistreated, it seems by the world.
Worthless souls have drained her life, and convinced her that it’s their right.

Afraid of the woman she could be, they dig away until they see her,
Broken down, and falling on knees.

Telling her lie after lie, even pretending to cry.
They say whatever it takes, whatever it takes to claim their stake.

Standing on true passion’s shoulders, they regurgitate songs,
A farce in their heart, where no loving lyrics belong.

It’s wrong how they’ve treated you, and abused you,
you deserve more than the excuses they’ve given you.

But I see the strength inside you starting to grow,
each day that passes, continue to know,
there are people who love you and care for you,
people who will be there for you.

You’re a beautiful, independent woman you see,
Don’t just take it from me.
Ask my family, they remember from our history.

Tell yourself these things, and be true to yourself.
All the stress is not good for your health.
Remember the important things in life are not money or wealth,
It’s God’s gift from above, that passion we call love.