Separation Anxiety

Separated from you, my life has been shattered.
Filling my life with distractions but nothing seems to matter, but you.
All I want is to be close to you, but my actions have hurt you.
Broken and alone, no matter how many are around.
Reminded of the pain, I can’t go anywhere in this town.

Every song thats sung, every hum thats hummed,
Every pleasant aroma that crosses my nose,
reminds me of your presence and hands I would hold.
I crave your affection and your gentle touch.
How we’d lay in bed and youd give me that nudge.
I knew you wanted me to put my arms around you.
Without making a sound, your thoughts in my mind were found.

How I miss your love, like an angel from above,
you were sent to change me.
To rearrange my priorities, and teach me.
You should know that youve reached me.
And no one else has had that same ability.
Like counting the stars, an act of futility.

Deep in my soul, like a planted seed thats grown,
Amazing at times when it shouldnt have survived,
It flourished from your nourishment.
Akin to the waters of life, is your loving touch.
You are my wife.