The Cage

Deep in my chest, are feelings no one can see.
Inside my cage of ribs are birds of misery.
Pecking at my gall bladder, as my heart has already been shattered.
The old crows know it’s only a matter of time, until I’m broken completely.

They squawk and I cry.
They flap their wings but are unable to fly.
Away from the world, and trapped inside,
most people have no idea of what’s kept inside.

One bird has no eyes,
just empty sockets and memories of tears, that once were cried.
He pecks aimlessly, hoping by chance to find some seed.
While I look for arms, from anyone that will put them around me.

The other bird is full of disease.
With decrepit wings and rotting feet, he’s falling apart piece by piece.
Unable to stand and unable to fly,
What is his reason for existence? Why should he even try to stay alive?