I killed your husband

Your husband was strong, but was overcome.
He boasted a heart of gold but now he’s done.
Sinking day by day, he would often pray,
but his soul slipped under my thumb.

He was a lover.
Loved to hold you and whisper in your ear.
Tell you secrets of passions, blushing when you hear.
But now he lives no more.
I drug his body through the door.
Away from you and your family,
I smothered his dreams finally.

He had morals and standards that I squashed.
In his blood, my hands were washed.
It was a long struggle, not an easy win,
but each time he got up, I struck him down again.

I killed your husband starting with deception,
Replacing his insides with ruin and corruption.
Pulled his eyes from his sockets so he was left blinded.
Lobotomized and hypnotized like the walking dead.

It went unnoticed while you watched TV,
I crept into his mind like a disease.
Convinced him of lies and deceit,
Promises of desires and needs.

I killed your husband
as he stood on his feet.
cut off at the knees,
I broke him down. Defeated.

I slipped into his place and destroyed his home,
Waking a path of destruction until everything was gone.
I’m not the same guy you married.
I’m cynical and jaded.

Say goodbye to the reputation and image.
I’ve damaged it all.
Say hello to a new label
One that will bring judgment from all.

I killed your husband, now all that’s left is me.
And now our family is in misery.
I can feel him inside.
But he’s way too deep to be seen.


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