Incredible Love

So, I was thinking about how incredible love is, and how it is able to grow beyond expectations. If the amount of love you’re able to give, depended directly on the size of your heart, then I conclude the size of the heart can be infinitely large.

I believe this to be true from my own experiences with love.
When I began loving my wife, I didn’t stop loving my family.
When I started loving her children, I didn’t love my wife any less.
My heart grew to accommodate the amount of love I was giving.
Then she gave me my first born son. I didn’t love my step children any less.
In fact, the love for my family was reinforced holistically. Then my daughter was born. My wife gave me the most precious gifts I would ever receive by giving me children.
With each addition to my family, I never loved any of them less. My love only grew.

I’ve also found love is powerful. Love is not mutually exclusive with other emotions. I can be upset or disappointed with someone but still love them as much as ever. Love can mend hurts and pains even when it’s difficult to do.
An illustration –
Two of my children, who I love infinitely, get into a fight and hurt each other. I don’t love the instigator any less. If one is completely at fault, I don’t love them any less. And by loving the one at fault, it doesn’t mean I love the hurt child any less.
Because love is not limited, I can give as much love to any one, and not deprive another.
Love knows no bounds, and I believe it is the most powerful force in the universe.


Being a Father

I’m unable to describe the amount of joy my children bring me.
Seeing my kids happy is one of the best feelings I get.
Watching them pretend, makes me proud of their imagination.
Watching them empathize, melts my heart.
Watching them cry, jerks my soul.
Watching them laugh, makes the world seem right.
I don’t need things. I don’t need possessions or riches.
I just need my family.
Before my toddlers were born, I had a discussion with a friend about my wife wanting more children.
I was doubting my ability to raise a baby, and in similar words he said, “you don’t know what you’re capable of until you have kids”.
I didn’t know how right he was.
Now I fear being separated from, and unable to protect them.
As I believe, no one could love them as much as I do.
I would lay my life down in an instant to protect my children.
Thank you God for these blessings.
They are my world.

Being a Step-Dad

I thought being a step-dad was tough.
Worried that ‘real’ dad would always be cooler, more fun, and loved more.
That the kids see it as a vacation from chores and responsibility.
But then I realized, I would spoil them the same way.
I would worry that ‘step’ dad is cooler, more fun, and loved more.
It’s got to be considerably more tough, for a dad without his children.
I’m thankful.