Is it better there?

Reaching up and reaching out.
So long, my life has been without
assurance and confidence in what I do is right.
Thoughts divided, opposed in fight.

A distant place, my mind creates.
To keep me safe?
To hide away?

With chains and locks, my daily wear.
Life may be better there, but I don’t care.
If it means I lose you, I’d rather be here.
I’ll stay in the pain because I know it so well


Don’t Jump

I feel the weight on my mind, as I close my eyes.
Is something there, or am I blind?
I feel another world at the edge of my fingers.
Am I here or there?
Like a blank stare, I don’t care what they think of me.
They’re not even really there.
I’m asleep and cannot wake up.
This tugging of my mind is more than enough.
Division of thoughts, it’s almost too much.
Where am I now?
It’s like a dark cloud has swallowed me down.
Am I closer to awakening?
The feelings are making me… think.