Husband Reborn

In the belly of a demon I lay,
unable to speak,
unable to breathe,
watching my life turn to disarray.

He’s taken my life and given me pain.
Wrecking and corrupting everything around,
Defecating on my name,
until you vomit at the sound.

In a nutshell I’m bound, but I’m king of no space.
As long as I’m here, failure will be all I taste.

I think about my wife and kids and how much pain they’re in.
Allowing my life to be controlled by this terrible demon.
Kneeling and praying I gather the strength,
Stiffening my spine, I’m not ready for defeat.

Pushing my way,
deep through his veins,
I crawl the space where his motives are contained.

One by one I start to disassemble,
until it’s me that this body starts to resemble.
A little weakened, a little bit tired,
I push onward because my family is what matters.

I will slay this demon for myself and them.
Ending his life and the evil intentions.
He fights for my soul,
but I refuse to let him take control.

My spirit continues to expand and grow.
There is only room for one of us now,
and he knows.
His desperation is starting to show.

Afraid of losing his grip,
He squeezes tighter and tighter.
But he picked the wrong guy this time,
I was born to be fighter.

Digging deep, I reach for my sword of faith.
With a confident swing, the blade slides under his ears.
Connective tissue popping and snapping,
you will know longer be my puppeteer.

Now it’s my turn to take the reigns.
Control has been restored.
I am a father, son, brother, friend and husband reborn.


The Stream

Trapped and frozen in this perpetual state,
The wheels keep turning refusing to brake,

Numbers, words, names, and emotions,
Pluck one and check, Does it sound right yet?
Look at yourself, in a moment reflect
This train is moving, but soon it could wreck,

retaining focus, strapped in the seat,
I take a minute to prepare for the feat,
only a moment of being content
aware of the dangers of being complacent

With ascending awareness,
I break free from my harness,
Afraid of the other way
A feeling of dismay,

and a sense of boredom it seems,
You know,
Slow goes the row in the ponderous stream.

My mind is Blank and body is numb,
I stare into space and bite my thumb,
zoning and thinking Im not looking back,
lost in abstract thought,
things start to look black,
tunneling my vision until all I can see,
Are these nonsensical theories looking back at me,
At times I feel crazy,
a little insane maybe,
but Im learning to control the direction of the stream,
our conscious dream we call reality.