I don’t want to hurt you anymore

What is love?
Never needing to say “I’m sorry”?

Is love patient?
Does love wait forever?

Can you love one and be with another?
Can love be divided?

Does love make mistakes?
If you make a mistake, can love repair the damage?

Is love selfless and giving?
Is love measurable?

Does she love me if she wants with no thanks?
Do I love her if I don’t sleep with her?

Can you tell if someone loves you?
Can you tell if someone doesn’t?

Can you tell someone they don’t know what love is?
Do you know what love is?

Does love ask if you’re doing ok?
Does love ask for more?

Does love have expectations?
Does love make you feel inadequate?

Does love hurt?
Does love mend?

Does love last?


New Blog

So I’ve created this blog to post writings of my thoughts.

Pure, raw, emotional scribbles that express how I feel.

Some thoughts may be harsh or intense, but it’s just a reflection of how I am feeling. I may write about actions or feelings I would never act out, but writing them down releases my inner turmoil.